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Chin Up Powdered Energy Drink Mix is
Your Organic and Healthy Energy Drink Choice.

Finally, a great tasting mocha flavored energy beverage that's true to its name! With Chin Up, you'll be smiling on the inside and the outside. At only 80 calories per packet, Chin Up Mocha Flavored Energy Drink is made with 87% certified organic ingredients. It is non-acidic, causing no irritation to the stomach and does not cause heart palpitation for those who are caffeine sensitive. If you love capuccino and hot chocolate, you will love the taste of Chin Up. You can easily customize the flavor of your favorite coffee or tea by adding a packet of Chin Up. And it's a great way to increase the nutritional value of baked desserts too!

This innovative beverage is formulated by Dorcas Chin. Trained in Clinical Nutrition, she is also a Board Certified Acupuncturist since 1979, licensed in the states of Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Florida. Dorcas brings an abundant knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Kinesiology to the forefront with this delicious, refreshing, energizing coffee beverage. Her greatest inspiration stems from her experience as a working mother of five children. When shopping for the best natural energy drink, she was unable to find a healthy energy drink alternative to sustain her through a demanding schedule. Because of this, and out of a concern for her patients' well-being, Chin Up powdered mocha flavored energy drink mix was born.

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Chin Up Powdered Organic Energy Drink Mix is
Your Alternative Energy Drink Choice.