My name is Debbie and I live in Manasquan, NJ. I felt led in sharing my testimony of Chin Up. As I get older in age, my energy level is not what it use to be. For the past year, I have found it very difficult after a day of work at the office to stay awake when driving home. Chin Up has truly been a beneficial energy drink for me! Not only do I not have to fight staying awake on my drive home, but when I get home to start my second job as mom, daughter, friend, homeowner, citizen, ... I have the energy to go further to complete things that need to get done. As all who know me know, I only shop organic. I have had many healthy drinks over the years, but none compare to ChinUp. I love the taste and the fact that I'm getting good nutrition from drinking it is the added bonus that I'm always looking for. On stressful days, I find myself sitting down to have a ChinUp which I have now found to be comforting and stress relieving. I have shared Chin Up with many of my friends and they love it too. It is definitely worth the try.